Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Can U Use Anbesol While Pregnant

SCO ANGERS 2 - RC Stasbourg 0, en route to fourth home it would be great ...?

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Congratulations to both teams who have played on grass and very tired bitterly cold!.

The first goal scored by Gaëtan Charbonnier liberator in the 72nd minute
Férébory The return of Gold at the 56th minute was able to give some punch to the attack Anjou. Below are pictures of both signs of the first goal
The 8000 spectators, numb with cold but very noisy, they were little reward by the poor quality of play of the SCO in the first half. The return of Golden has been the trigger for a revival late. Moreover, it is Féré Gold party "at the limit of offside" which marks the second goal during stoppages of play Do not spoil this historic victory that propels us into quarter-finals Coupe de France. It will await the next opponent of the SCO to draw upon a star. V. ...... !

Good and arbitration, one yellow card given to a player Strasbourg

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